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Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out is probably the easiest thing that you can do to maintain it and prolong its life. While water is always an excellent cleaning agent, sometimes, you need to add something to it so that it will be more effective.

Looking at the exterior of your automobile, do you see a grey-ish film? Well, that right there is a layer of contaminants. Over time, grime, dust, as well as tar and iron oxide will accumulate, and some of them won’t easily come off with water alone. What you need is products like TFR By JennyChem.

What Is a Traffic Film Remover?

In a nutshell, this cleaning product is specially formulated to get rid of road grime that has accumulated on the exterior of a vehicle. You no longer have to scrub it, which could potentially damage its paintwork as well as its mechanical parts. The traffic film remover will break down the contaminants without you exerting too much effort.

How to Use It

cleaning solutionsA traffic film remover or TFR is super easy to use. You simply have to spray it onto your automobile, rinse it, and then you can go ahead and apply regular car shampoo, wax, and other detailing products. Those stubborn marks will be removed in no time. As a precautionary measure, though, it is highly recommended that you utilize eye protection when spraying the product.

In addition, you really don’t have to use a traffic film remover every time you clean or wash your car. Once a month or every two months should be good enough. This, of course, depends on how much contaminants have already accumulated on your vehicle. Keep in mind not to apply it when you are washing your automobile in direct sunlight. If you can, use a power washer to rinse it off.

Benefits of Using a TFR

Using a traffic film remover is beneficial in maintaining your car. It keeps your vehicle’s exterior clean and shiny, while preserving its original paint. As long as you use it correctly, you can expect an excellent showroom finish.

There are various brands of TFR, but they have one ultimate goal, and that is to remove road film, grease, oily salts, and other stubborn marks on your car.

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Choosing the Best Traffic Film Remover

Like what we have said above, you can find lots of TFR brands on the market. But in order for you to choose the best one, you should look into the ingredients. Take note that they also come in various strengths, so you need to pick something that suits your needs. This depends on how dirty your vehicle is. If you are not so sure of how to use the product, you can always seek the help of professionals and let them handle it.