clutch pedal

The clutch is one of the essential parts of the transmission system, especially in manual transmission vehicles. This piece of equipment should wear naturally, but some poor driving habits can shorten its lifespan and decrease its performance. Fortunately, some driving habits can help you in improving the performance of a clutch and making it last for long. This will, in turn, improve the overall performance or your van, truck or car and save money in the long run.

Avoid leaving the foot on your clutch

It is one of the best tips that many people find difficult to break. Applying pressure on the clutch pedal can lead to unnecessary wear and strain on the clutch. The clutch pedal should either be pressed down or remain completely untouched. Its lifespan is shorted by applying pressure throughout however tiny it might be.clutch assembly

Stopping steadily

Car owners and drivers should slow down when the red light is indicated. They should slow down steadily and then stop as needed. You should avoid stopping completely when the traffic is flowing. Slowing down steadily is helpful in avoiding clutch slippage as well maintaining smooth idling of the engine.

Avoid abusing the clutch on inclined areas

The driver should use the parking brake once they stop on an incline. During this time, the clutch should be engaged and the car put into gear. Holding the clutch down can strain the gearbox and the clutch.

Pulling away smoothly

Avoid taking off at high speed if you are not racing. Instead, you should pull away gently and smoothly. Shifting up should be done naturally while increasing the RPMs/speed.

Avoid using the clutch when braking

Drivers should downshift smoothly and then apply brakes properly whenever they are stopping the vehicle or slowing it down. This can put pressure on the clutch system. This is the best way of extending the clutch’s lifespan. Remember that brake pads are relatively cheaper as compared to the clutch.clutch and brake pedal

Bleeding the clutch fluid

The heat produced from the clutch assembly can introduce pockets of air into system’s hydraulic fluid. This is the fluid used in activating the clutch. Bleeding out air out of this fluid is one of the simplest forms of maintaining the clutch. This step is helpful in improving the overall performance and eliminating the mushy feel on the clutch pedal. The hydraulic fluid should be topped off after bleeding.