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Racing defines HRE. Racing is our test center. We race to continually push ourselves to develop a stronger, stiffer, lighter wheel for next season; which translates into the finest wheels you can buy for the street. Every wheel at HRE has motorsport in its soul and undergoes the same type of rigorous development, whether it is winning races or cruising down the boulevard. We aren't just racing for fun or fame. At HRE we're racing to win.

Besides innovation, HRE focuses tremendously on quality. Their entire operation of wheel manufacturing is done in-house at the HRE Wheels facility in Vista, California. From CNC machining, powdercoating, polishing, painting, and packaging, HRE's quality control is the finest you will ever see. Their wheels have even received TUV approval in Europe which only a few select wheel manufacturers have accomplished. With the ability to handle all manufacturing of the HRE Wheel line in-house comes fast turnaround.

HRE is synonymous with uncompromising standards of engineering, innovation and quality. HRE utilizes cutting edge technology to custom craft forged aluminum wheels for your high-performance or luxury vehicle. The result…the ultimate combination of beauty, strength and light-weight design in the finest 3-piece wheels ever created. HRE uses forged aluminum components and aerospace grade materials to custom manufacture 3-piece wheels for your vehicle. Each set of wheels is manufactured to the exact specifications you require, be it a standard OE configuration or an exotic, one-of-a-kind fitment. HRE’s forged 3-piece wheels are the consummate performance upgrade to your exotic sports car, high-powered luxury sedan, custom truck or stylish S.U.V. Choose from the different series like the 990R, 940R, 890R, 790R, 590R, 560R, 560C, Carbon Series, Monoblok Series and our new line the "Competition" series.

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