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  HRE - P95L Monoblok Wheels
HRE - P95L Monoblok Wheels


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HRE - P95L Monoblok Wheels

HRE's Monoblok P95L wheel is designed for higher load-rated Luxury Coupes, Sedans and SUVís. The performance styling is engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for maximum performance and handling. Each wheel is CNC machined from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Technology and Manufacturing

An HRE wheel begins life as high quality 7" diameter 6061-T6 aluminum billet rod. The billet rod is heated and placed into a precision die where it is forged using millions of psi of pressure into a raw forging as specified by HREís engineers. The result of the forging process is aluminum with a refined crystalline structure whose grain direction is aligned with the primary load direction of the wheel spokes.

Computer Numerical Control or CNC technology is used for all of HREís machining operations. In-house CNC lathes and mills precisely machine every raw forging into a new HRE wheel design. HREís skilled machinists use the latest Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to translate each designís solid 3D computer model into a wheel that precisely matches the design created by our engineering team.

At HRE, we understand that while style is why you may buy a wheel, performance and quality are what keep you coming back. Strength, fatigue resistance, stiffness and impact resistance are qualities that drive an HRE wheel's design. Strength and fatigue resistance are critical to ensure an HRE wheel lasts the lifetime of your vehicle. To achieve this, HRE designs all of its wheels to pass stringent TUV test specifications. HRE is capable of accomplishing the seemingly conflicting goals of style and performance by allowing the engineering to drive the design in the belief that the finest wheel styles will result from the finest engineering and using only the best materials. The result? Wheels that perform as well as they look.

Available in 20", 21" & 22"
Custom manufactured for each BMW model

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